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“I wish to put in writing my deepest appreciation for the greatest roofing repair job . I will be giving your company 's information to my friends and relatives for future business .” you can use my name as a listed referral if you wish . A prefect A+.
Charles A. Lemoine
Lettsworth La. 70753

To Fontenot & Sons and their crew  who fixed my house. I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone for doing a great job in fixing my house for me , it was 7 long months i had to live with the roof and in side like that , it's all fixed now thankls to all of you.
" keep up the good work , and if i ever need again I know who to call.  "
Mary Forish
Marksville ,LA 71351

Thank you for accepting  the responsibility for the repair  of my roof . we truly
appreciate and your efforts . We wish you a happy and prosperous year 2010 .
Francis Mouille
Moreaville La 71355

*More references available upon request